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Parking lot Repair Austin

You can prolong the lifetime of your pavement through repairs and treatments. Approximately, 90% of the parking lots in the United States use asphalt. Unfortunately, the pavements are vulnerable to damage and weathering, making them unsafe for vehicular traffic and personal use. When they get damaged, they become visually unappealing and unsafe for the business owner, clients, vendors, and motorists.

We understand that parking lot repair and maintenance is key in creating a good parking lot that impresses businesses their clients in Central Texas and its environs. And our Parking Lot Repair Austin is extremely affordable and durable!


Our parking lot repair checklist

Seal Cracks

The cracks are filled with crack filler, preventing water from penetrating into the crevices. Remember always to inspect the small cracks and fill them annually. This crack-filling process ensures that the pavement lasts longer.

Sealcoat Asphalt Pavement

Texas weather is not friendly on asphalt surfaces and heavy traffic makes it worse. Sealing your parking lot surface (seal coating) on a regular basis with a high-quality sealant allows your asphalt to flex well and distribute the weight of vehicles.

Pothole Repair

When the potholes form, the water penetrates the sub-base and begins destroying the parking lot. Potholes pose a dangerous risk to the customer and tenants’ cars. A property with several potholes on the parking lot has a lower value. Our pothole repair company digs and fills the pothole. We level the surface and use asphalt to make it uniform with the rest of the pavement.

The parking lot repair cost can vary from $50 to $100  (DIY with 2 bag of asphalt)  to two to five thousand dollars to repair several major potholes.

Parking Lot Replacement

Most Austin parking lots can last for about 30 years if the property owner reseals the lot and does repairs. But, if regular maintenance is not done, it will fall over and need replacement. However, if the parking lot paving surface has too many potholes and poor curbs, then you need parking lot replacement.

How our company maintains your parking lot

Crack filling

We use hydraulic cement to patch up the pavement. First, the cracks are filled using the leveling caulk. Later, when it is dry, we add the pourable concrete crack filler to finalize the process.


Grind uneven sections

After some time, the road becomes uneven. We grind the road and ensure that the surface is even. After the grinding, we evaluate the road and ensure it is smooth. In addition, we add speed bumps to ensure that the place is safe for children and other pedestrians.

As a matter of maintenance, every 10 to 15 years, depending on “wear”, a parking lot may need to be resurfaced.  Resurfacing a parking lot is an affordable option as compared to completely replacing a parking lot.

And as you know, a concrete parking lot does cost more to install, but its maintenance costs are much less, especially in a high-traffic environment.
We don’t want you to spend money needlessly.
We are the asphalt company near me you can depend on!

Stabilize sinking areas

We pump a cement slurry into the pothole and mix it with a pothole filler. Then, the pothole is patched, and the surface on top is leveled.


Seal the surface

Sealant covers the surface and prevents water and other contaminants from penetrating the sub-base area. As a result, the pavement’s integrity is restored and lasts for years since most damages that could happen are blocked.

Why should you choose us?

Cheap Maintenance costs

Our company offers maintenance for your Austin parking lot at the lowest costs. We ensure that your parking lot is in good condition and will serve you for a long time.

Flexible Services

We offer flexible services for your parking lot repairs and charge fairly per square foot. For example, we use crack sealers, pothole fillers, and other methods to ensure that the parking lot serves you for a longer period.

Compliant with safety standards

Our company is licensed and is compliant with the safety standards. We promote the curb appeal of buildings and apartment complexes while lowering the tenant and customer turnover.

Reach out to us

When your parking lot starts showing hairy cracks, it is time to reach out to us. We have asphalt parking lot repair professionals that would help with parking lot repairs in Austin, Tx. We are available in Cedar Park, San Marcos, Lakeway, Georgetown, Haker Heigts, Killeen and their environs. You can call us for a free quote.

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