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Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving has been widely used for airports, streets, highways, and playgrounds. The advantage of concrete paving is that it is durable, resilient and blends well with natural surroundings. In addition, concrete has been used to build flat surface concrete installations such as sidewalks, driveways, city bike paths, parking lots, and side driveway additions, curbs, commercial floors, RV pads, steps, and gutters

At Asphalt Paving Austin, we offer information on concrete paving and ensure that everyone understands the process and why concrete pavements are the best for vehicular traffic. We use crushed concrete for paving.


Why You Should Choose Our Company

Variety of services

Besides concrete paving, we can make concrete flatwork. However, concrete flatwork costs more than asphalt paving since it uses natural rock and loose gravel. The concrete flatwork will not need repairs and does not need bricks or pavers. In addition we make bollards, steps, approaches and curb repairs.

Recycling old concrete

When we demolish existing concrete surfaces, we load the material and take it to our recycling plant. Our company crushes the concrete to good sizes and cleans it to remove debris. The product is known as the recycled concrete aggregate which is used for landscaping and construction. Recycling old concrete helps in reducing landfill concrete waste and preserves natural resources.

Well-planned pavements

We grade and slope the road using modern technology to ensure that the road will not be vulnerable to water damage. In addition, levelling the concrete prevents water from stagnating on the surface.


We have well-trained local concrete contractors. These professionals use modern tools to make the best concrete pavement. We are licensed and insured for every task that we offer. We build all our concrete dumpster pads with rebars. Moreover, the dumpster pad must have good drainage to prevent water from accumulating in the field.


We can use recycled material to make your concrete pavement since it is much cheaper. We make good flatwork surfaces before making concrete pavements. Without flatwork, pavements can form unsafe and uneven surfaces for foot and vehicle traffic and the outcome can be costly repairs. We offer flexible and cheap solutions when making your concrete pavement.

Concrete Paving Procedure

Step One: Demolish the existing surface

If you want a concrete driveway, the first step is to remove the current surface, which could be concrete, pavers, or asphalt. During demolition, we use forklifts and bobcats to remove the debris.

Step Two: Grading and Sloping

Our company uses the latest technology to prepare the surface. Sloping includes planning for drainage to ensure that water damage is minimal.

Step Three: Create a gravel base

The most significant part of concrete pavement is the gravel base. It offers a stable foundation for the new pavement. In addition, the gravel base is a frost barrier to lower winter damage due to thawing and freezing.

Step 4: Screeding

We make use of crushed concrete to make a good concrete that is poured on the gravel base and leveled. The leveling process is known as screeding. The crew will use a flat board to ensure the concrete is level and even.

Step Five: Curing

Our crew will place a curing agent on the new concrete slab to slow the water loss for the 30-day drying period. The results are smart and good-looking concrete.

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Are you looking for the best concrete paving company to make the best driveway for your home in Austin? Our company has the best concrete contractors who design and deliver a smart concrete pavement. Our experts are professional and licensed and deliver the best and fast services. You can call or drop us a message on our website. We offer a free consultation.

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